Monthly Archives: June 2007

June 19th – 7 pm – Dover Downs – Chip Pecere

The Pecere studio, Personal Touch Photography, is on the cutting edge of technology. Chip is a firm believer in taking full advantage of the latest technology the industry has to offer. This keeps him on the forefront of wedding and portrait photography.

Based on classical tradition, Chip’s portraiture has never strayed far from his original intent – to capture a moment in people’s lives, and celebrate it. His images are simple, direct, and emotional. Each one makes a statement. There is nothing in his photographs except what should be there. What you see is what he wants you to see — usually an emotion or a feeling of the moment. Although he usually directs his subjects when they’re being photographed, they appear completely natural.

Although many brides are now asking for completely unposed pictures, Chip recognizes that most couples actually purchase photographs that are controlled. Therefore, he photographs both posed and candid images. Because each wedding is a true family celebration, he involves the parents in pre-wedding discussions and planning of the big day.

Chip has created his business around how he believes a bride and groom and their families will best remember the wedding day. People in his photographs are “connected” both physically and emotionally. His clients recognize his unique approach and because of this, he doesn’t compete with the surrounding studios.

Chip is an active member of the P. P. of A. and P. P. G. N. Y. Numerous catering halls and corporations throughout New York and the surrounding areas are recommending his services. His images have been published in the Shutterbug Magazine, New York Post and New York Newsday. Chip lectures and speaks at all the top conventions on behalf of Canon Cameras, Leather Craftsman, Expodisc, Flip-it, Just-Rite Brackets and Photodex.

Chip will share his insight into the practices of a successful and fast growing wedding and portrait studio. He will demonstrate with you how you, too, can keep your clientele base growing.