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Ben Ahlquist speaks about Data Protection September 18th Meeting 7pm Dover Sheraton

Data protection, our presentation topic of choice, is a hot conversation among small businesses today. As more and more organizations become dependent on technology, the risks interwoven with the loss of information stored electronically become greater and greater. Statistical averages show that of those small businesses that have a significant loss of information (data), a surprisingly high percentage of them, over 90%, will never fully recover. Besides data loss from systems that are not backed up effectively, electronic information is the target of a worldwide stage of hackers and associated organized crime. The internet isn’t just the wild, wild west
anymore – it’s a downright war zone.

Data protection isn’t simply a product that you buy. It is a plan that is developed and maintained. And interestingly enough, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Our presentation together will address what issues to consider, related indu stry best practices, and some technology options in addressing this critical area of business today. Until then, check out for some food for thought.

ByteSmart is a trusted computer services provider serving small businesses in the greater Delaware valley. Technology is inherently complex, and managing it can be  especially time-consuming for the small business owner. We focus on making IT simple by stabilizing our client’s systems, making them meaningful to their business direction, and with the proper application, harnessing its power to become a competitive advantage in the
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