Monthly Archives: July 2008


Harry Markel will present a program for professional photographers interested in selling their photographic images online. Many topics will be discussed with examples shown. Some of the basic parameters of successful Online Sales that will be addressed include:

-          Building you Online Portfolios using subgroups

-          Integrating a Shopping Cart service into your existing Website

-          Website Design using Template Tools

-          Website Workflow for customer order fulfillment

-          Online Website Management Tools

-          Search Engine Optimization

Using actual MorePhotos customers websites we will explore how to use creative ideas to bring the average dollar volume of customers orders higher to make more profits. The use of coupons and discounts will be presented to help engage your clients and  get their orders in quicker. I will show web screens that demo the software needed to upload to your website shopping carts.

Time permitting we will take pictures and upload live to show just how easy it is to get your images onto your website for sale. Additional topics covered will include image protection, the use of passwords and watermarking. All attending photographers will receive discounts codes allowing  major discounts for subscribing to a shopping cart service.

We will learn how to investigate availability of web domains and how to purchase domain names. MorePhotos will present a $500.00 Door Prize of a SEO Internet Radio Interview that will drive traffic to your website like no other service available. All attending photographers will learn how to freshen up their websites to expand their businesses.