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Ann Monteith kicks off the New Year with DPP

Come and meet this nationally acclaimed speaker and past PPA president at our first meeting

Where : Dover Sheraton

When : January 25th 7pm

Why : Meet the board, hear a great speaker AND support DPP

We will see you there!

2006-2007 Board of DirectorsChairman
Ann K. Monteith
CPP, M.Photog.Cr., ABI, API, A-ASP, Hon.ASP

Like many PPA members, Ann Monteith’s first career was not in photography. Before coming to the profession, she taught high school English, college journalism and served as director of public relations at a local college.

It was during her time as a public relations director that Ann first heard the call of photography. “As a PR director, one of my many ‘hats’ was photojournalism,” comments Ann. “I soon learned that I really enjoyed photographing people in their environment.” At the same time, her husband Jim was growing tired of his job as the general manager of a plastics company – and he expressed a desire to spend more time on his long-time photography hobby. “Once Jim and I realized we would both rather be doing photography than anything else, one thing led to another, and suddenly we were in a full-time photography business,” says Ann.

Having given up the relative stability of their previous jobs, Ann and Jim became photography entrepreneurs just as the economy was attempting to pull out of a recession. “If you were to look for a period that illustrates the need for photography studios to have sound financial and promotional planning, the mid-70’s would be it,” comments Ann. “It wasn’t exactly the best time to ‘quit your day job’.” However, Ann soon found mentors who could bolster her existing business and photography skills. Joyce Wilson, Al Gilbert, Joe Zeltsman and Bud Haynes have all gained Ann’s respect for both their photographic and business talents.

Since those early days, Ann and Jim have built a successful business specializing in portraits of families, children, pets, and seniors – all based on a foundation of high-quality portraits and sound business planning. While photography is now her profession of choice, Ann has never lost an interest in education – only now the focus has changed. “Understanding the importance of business skills is one of the largest hurdles to success,” says Ann. “As a member of the Board, my main focus has been to see the association become as good at educating members on becoming better business people as we have been in helping them become better artists.”

So, if she were no longer a photographer, would she go back to education? “No,” she says smiling, “If I ever got out of the photography business, I think I’d like to work in law enforcement, probably in the area of crime detection.”