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October 20 2009 Print Comp – Judges


Jim LaSala, CPP, M.Photog., MEI, Cr.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and Opened Strike A Pose Photography studio in 1990. We specialize in: fine art photography, portraits and electronic imaging.

 A list of some of the awards presented:


(8) Fuji Masterpiece Awards

(1) Kodak Gallery Award

(8) Loan Collection Images published

(3) ASP Awards (American Society of Photographers)

(2) Traveling Loans

(4) General Book Images published

(1) Epcot Image


Numerous State Awards:


New Jersey Photographer of the Year

Best Portraits

Best Electronic Images

Best Illustrated Images

Top Scoring Photographer for New Jersey

Fassbender Award (Best in Show)

Zeltsman Award (6 Times) (Highest Accumulative Points)

Mallis Award (Best Pictorial)


2008 Photographer of the Year (GPPDV)



Michael Travisano

Michael has owned and operated his business for more than 20 years. His international award winning wedding and portrait studio serves clients on the Jersey shore. Michael holds the prestigious Master of Photography degree, Certified Professional Photographer and Photographic Craftsmen degree from the Professional Photographers of America. Michael has completed the PPA Affiliate Judges Workshop and is currently striving for his affiliate judging degree from PPA. Michael has many awards in print competition as well as having his work in the prominent Loan Collection for PPA. He has won PPANJ Best in Show, Court of Honor Numerous times Kodak Gallery Awards, Fuji Masterpeice Awards and the elite ASP Award. Michael has achieved the 320 print case pin for both Digital and General for the past 7 years. He currently sits on the PPA national council for the state of New Jersey as well as an alternate delegate for PPANJ. Michael lectures frequently on various topics of photography.


Vincent Piciocchi

After working as a photographer in Brooklyn for many years, Vincent Piciocchi moved to New Jersey, and in 1988 started Picture You Photography Studio.

Realizing the importance of being a member of a strong association, he joined the PPANJ and PPA in 1988. Throughout the years, he attended many seminars, workshops, courses at Triangle Institute, as well as Winona.  He eventually was asked to speak at many statewide workshops, and various regional programs. Participating on many PPANJ committees, and holding many positions as an officer with the Central region, and the State, he was elected President of the PPANJ in 2000. He has acquired many awards for photographic excellence, received the Kodak Gallery Award, the Fuji Masterpiece Award, the Mallas Award, and many courts of honor from New Jersey and New York.

Thru all of his efforts and accomplishments, he received the Master of Photography degree from PPA, and the Fellow of Photography degree from PPANJ in 1996. In 1998, he received the Photographic Craftsman degree from PPA.  He received the Lifetime Membership in 2002 and the Distinguished Fellow of Photography degree from PPANJ in 2003. In 2004, he received the PPA National Award and the PPANJ Award in 2005. He has also judged many print competitions throughout the Tri- State area. The following are his most recent accomplishments:

From PPA ( National)

2008                            Platinum Photographer of the Year

2009                            Bronze Photographer of the Year

From PPANJ ( State)

2008                            ASP State Elite Award, Mallis Award, Two Courts of Honor

2009                            ASP State Elite Award, Mallis Award, Zeltsman Award, Kodak Gallery Award, Fuji Masterpiece Award ,Four Courts of Honor, Electronic Imaging Print of the Year, Illustrative Photograph of the Year